In order to help support our community to have a healthy now, and a healthy future, we have committed to closing our shops for the time needed to keep us all home and safe. With that in mind, we have created a free no contact delivery service for all your brew at home coffee and tea needs. We have also added some special treats to bring all that homemade goodness back to your life.


We have noticed something very loving brewing. Our orders have started to migrate from simply “I need coffee!” to “I want to surprise someone with coffee!” We have been getting many orders of coffee, tea, chocolate and cookies for team members working from home, isolated relatives and friends, and grandmas and grandpas!

3 Locations in Toronto:

479 Broadview Ave
343 King street East
568 Jarvis Street  

It has been such a joy to deliver these unexpected gifts. Watching people go from “ I think you have the wrong house…” to “It’s for me???” and then always followed by a pause where the eyes tell everything the heart is feeling. It’s been the joy in our days and so incredible to see people being touched…without touching.


Beauty in everything has been our mantra since we had to send over 30 wonderful souls home from work and lock our doors for the first time in 10 years. We knew instinctually that the difficult decision to do a hard close was the right one for us, but when the support of others started to pour in and the desire to help each other started to outnumber to stories of fear and resistance we knew this could be a very special time as well. A time to remember what really matters. If you are allowed to slow down, and wait, it shows up.  The smallest acts of kindness have the biggest collective impact and truly matter so much. Sometimes you just need the space to remember it is oh so simple.

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